1. Where do the financial resources for the development of KiteGen come from?
Institutional organizations and individual citizens support the research and the development projects of KiteGen. In addition to public financing and the strategic agreement with SABIC, KiteGen receives the financial support of several private investors, many of whom directly became shareholders.

2. Which are the different ways to invest in KiteGen?
KiteGen Venture offers every investors a percentage of shares proportional to his contribution. In other words, investing in KiteGen means becoming a shareholder in all respects.

3. Is KiteGen technology covered by patents?
Until now, KiteGen’s techology includes 40 patents worldwide. The ownership of such a big quantity of intellectual properties entitles KiteGen as the leader in the industry of high-altitude wind power exploitation.

4. Where can a KiteGen Stem generator be installed?
Because of its extremely light and dynamic structure, KiteGen Stem can be installed almost everywhere. As it exploits constant and well-distributed high-altitude winds, it can produce energy also in areas where there is no wind on the ground.

5. Is it possible to install more than one KiteGen Stem in the same site?
Each KiteGen Stem requires an installation space of around 100 m2, which means that it is potentially possible to install many machines within a considerably limited space.

6. Does the construction of a KiteGen farm have particular logistic requirements?
A KiteGen power plant must obtain permissions from the competent authorities for the needed flight restrictions on the airspace above. KiteGen Venture is directly responsible for the management and the execution of the bureaucratic procedures.

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