High altitude winds

The first real innovation of KiteGen lies in the choice of a high-performance energy source: the high altitude winds, a huge, virtually endless and almost universally available energy power, but still to be explored.  Learn more

The source

High altitude winds blow all around the globe between 500 and 10000 meters above the surface. Compared to normal winds at ground level, those streams are steadier, stronger and almost equally distributed around the earth’s surface. All these characteristics make the tropospheric winds a unique reservoir with a huge unexploited potential.
Moving away from the ground and from the roughness of the terrain, which affects the motion and weakens the strength of the air streams, the wind speed, persistence and regularity increase. If we consider a standard site in Italy, at 80 meters above the ground (the hub height of the latest generation of wind turbines), the wind blows at 4.6 m/s for an average of 1550 hours per year. At 800 meters (the altitude at which the KiteGen starts to operate), the wind reaches the speed of 7,2 m/s and its power is almost four times the amount available to wind turbines. Besides, at this altitude, the wind blows for an average of 5000 hours per year.
The direct consequence is that we can obtain much more energy at much lower costs compared to an equally powerful traditional turbine.

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