KiteGen Farm

scheda 2

Wind farm configuration consists of a series of generators with a nominal power of 3 MW each grouped together. Thanks to its small size (base diameter of 13 meters) and reduced weight (6 tons per MW), the machine installation is simple and inexpensive. Their spatial distribution guarantees a high energy density per Sq. km and a reduced land use. This solution ensures a high scalability: a wind farm can produce from 3 to 300 MW, according the power generation needs and to the characteristics of the territory.

KiteGen Carousel


This configuration combines a series of KiteGen generators connected together to form a carousel. The kites’ flight makes the entire system rotate at the desired speed, thus activating the alternators. A single carousel can harness a huge amount of wind power.
KiteGen Carousel generators represent the last step of the project and will be developed once the Stem generators reach a widespread diffusion.

KiteGen Stem offshore

Kitegen offshoreA single stem is installed on floating platforms, in order to exploits high altitude winds energy at deep sea, where wind availability is generally higher in terms of both speed and hours. As no rigid infrastructures are required, most of the technical and economic difficulties of the traditional offshore turbines are overcome. This solution can be applied to the carousel configuration also.



Electric bus with an internal ultra-fast recharging system integrated with the road infrastructure. The K-bus employs super-capacitors instead of normal batteries, thus obtaining advantages in terms of costs, dimensions, consumes, logistics and disposal. The bus is fully recharged at the bus stop, during the normal pick-up and drop-off time.