1. What is KiteGen Venture corporate organizational structure?
KiteGen Venture is managed by a board of directors, headed by KiteGen founder Massimo Ippolito. At the moment, KGV has more than 100 members, mostly private investors. At the beginning, the first supporters came from the academic world, while now the majority work in the financial and industrial fields.

2. How is KiteGen Venture related to KiteGen Research?
KiteGen Venture is the company aimed at the industrial development of the KiteGen technology. Owning a consistent share of KGR intellectual property, KGV is consequently its only licensee.

3. What kind of people work for KiteGen Venture?
The Company is managed by researchers, engineers and academics.

4. Is it possible to cooperate with KiteGen Venture?
We are glad to accept any interesting cooperation. At the moment, we have secured partnerships with people from all over the world, both for operative tasks and commercial mediation.

If you want to learn more, please contact us:
T. +39 011 3747510
E. info@kitegenventure.com